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At this challenging time, our community's staff and lay leaders are reassessing upcoming events -- especially those planned for March. The list of programs that are being held and those that are cancelled and/or postponed is constantly changing. Many synagogues and organizations are making decisions on an "event by event" basis; others are cancelling all events in March. 

We will keep you updated as we receive further cancellations and postponements. Please check, the as well as the website associated with the program you are thinking of attending. The cancellation of events geared towards "at-risk" individuals is being taken very seriously.  

Please note that most March programs in our area have been either cancelled or postponed, including both the March 19 and March 26 CCJCC co-sponsored AFTERTHOUGHTS presentations at Cong. B'nai Tikvah, and the March 22 gala at Cong. B'nai Shalom.

As we get word of cancellations, we will update our websites. Before going to a previously advertised event, please also check with the website of the synagogue or organization sponsoring/hosting the service/class/event.


Our spring/summer UNDER ONE TENT brochure was already printed prior to the rise of the contagion in the United States and the establishment of increased safety guidelines. It will be inserted in an early edition of the "J." Again, many of these events are already being rescheduled, and we will identify cancelled and rescheduled dates on our website.  

Again, please check with the website of the synagogue or organization sponsoring/hosting the service/class/event. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience in this quickly evolving situation. 

Larry Jacobs

President, Contra Costa JCC


Jo-Ann Jacobson

Chair, Under One Tent, Contra Costa JCC

Riva Gambert

Program director, Under One Tent 


In 2019, we will be celebrating the 43rd anniversary of the Contra Costa Jewish Community Center. Established in 1976, our vision remains the same as when we started on Creekside Drive. The CCJCC serves as a welcoming entry door into greater Jewish involvement. We are inclusive and want to engage both the unaffiliated as well as the affiliated members of our community. We embrace diversity and actively support creative approaches to building Jewish identity.


We are proud to be the convener of UNDER ONE TENT, an innovative educational and cultural arts series in Contra Costa County and the Tri-Valley region. This remarkable program gives us an opportunity to work hand in hand with our synagogue and Jewish organizational partners to produce programming for all ages and interests. Our Under One Tent program evolved from our well-known Jewish Book & Arts Festival which took place October through December each year. Today, the UOT programs span the entire year. Information on how to register for these events and a complete line-up can be found at


Over the past decades, and with the vital support of many thousands of individuals, the CCJCC has been a significant institution in the region. We will continue to build on our past strengths even as our vision evolves over the next months and years. We invite you to be part of this great venture as we start a dialogue about how we can better serve the community's growing and changing needs. Please share your email address with us so that we can keep in touch and stay tuned for more details about our Center.


Larry Jacobs, President


Larry Jacobs, President

Larry Goldzband, Vice President

Jerry Yanowitz, Vice President

Julie Candau, Secretary

Frank Trafton, Treasurer

Orrin Franko, Leo Hmelnitzky, JoAnn Jacobson, Adam Parker,

 Virginia Peiser, Rayna Ravitz, Robert Rich,

Leslie Shafton, Adam Spiegelman, Martha Ann Wishnev

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