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Contra Costa JCC

Book Talks

We'll be featuring recordings of our Book Talks on this page.

50 Children

Author Steven Pressman will discuss his book that centers on one ordinary American  couple's extraordinary rescue mission into the heart of Nazi Germany.  Despite overwhelming obstacles--both in Europe and in the  U.S.--Gilbert  and Eleanor Kraus made a bold and unprecedented decision to travel into  Nazi Germany in an effort to save a group of Jewish children.


As Adam Braudy, a brilliant inventor lies dying following an assassination attempt, he asks his lifelong friend Craig to duplicate him using his human replicator. Although he realizes the danger of doing this, Craig creates a replicant. Miraculously, the original Adam survives and tries to get his life back from his replicant. Identicality is a riveting and thought provoking science fiction thriller that will keep you thinking and guessing to the end.

JAY L. Koppelman, a San Francisco Bay Area resident, currently serves as CFO of an educational therapy clinic and has been an active participant on various philanthropic boards. 

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