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In the 2020 CCJCC Family Menorah Contest, more than 20 families exhibited their spirit and creativity. The contestants explained what materials they used for their menorahs and why they picked those items. The judges awarded the top prize which was a Nintendo Switch to the Bronson family. They decided to give a surprise second place winner prize as well. While the judges were...judging...the families were entertained by the Magical Nathaniel who incorporated the "light" of Hanukkah into some of his magic tricks.

When the pre-teen of the winning family explained why he and his siblings made their menorah out of boxes, he said, "We all feel incredibly boxed up now during the coronavirus. But it is very important to find the light and joy in the box. We should make things beautiful and find the joy in spending time with our families." That is why he and his five siblings chose to take boxes and other scraps around the house and make them into something beautiful.

We thank all the participants, judges and organizers of this memorable program. Below are the images of the participating menorahs that were shared with us. For those who missed the chance to dial in, watch the recording of the Zoom contest here

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